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On your March 15th ballot, there will be an opportunity to vote yea or nay to a two billion dollar bond issue.  The proposed bond would help finance a wide variety of projects that would benefit infrastructure, community colleges, the State university system, public facilities (like the NC Zoo) and other worthwhile projects.

Some people wonder that if these projects are so important, why not put them in the State budget?  Other people argue that the advantage of a bond issue is that it meets a need, is paid back over a lengthy period of time - and thus minimizes the tax bite for tax paying citizens.

I suppose an argument could be made either way.  From my point of view we need this bond!  Our legislature has let the needed works go ignored for far too long.  The institutions that will be helped have a severe need for modernization and updating. 

Whether it is the zoo, our forests, our community colleges, or roads, all these entities need our support and help.

Here is what worries me!  If our Democratic Party has really already determined who our Presidential nominee will be prior to the NC Primary, Democrats may stay away from the polls.  Republicans are less likely than Democrats to support this bond issue.  That would mean that not only would the failure of this bond to pass hurt the many institutions it is designed to help, there would also be no remedy coming from the State budget.

Be certain to get yourself to the polls! No matter how you vote, you must get to the polls and vote.  Please support this bond.  I know that I will!

Bossert for State Senate
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