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We Must End Corporate Welfare - I Support a Living Wage!

You can spend your life and never buy a Big Mac.!  Or so you think. You buy them every time you pay your taxes.

 As a backdrop, did you know that to open a McDonald's franchise, one must have liquid assets of $750,000. (Business Insider 2015) The average McDonald's franchise earns about $150,000 in profits. (Business Insider October 2017) I think it is safe to say that no one builds liquid assets of $750,000 by flipping burgers at a McDonald's.  So how exactly does a burger cook or counter server ever earn the assets necessary to become the owner?    

You... may never buy a McNugget, but in reality, you have been buying them for years. People who own fast food businesses often make a good living. They do it on the backs of low wage earners who have incomes so low that they must work second and even third jobs just to make ends meet.

In the absence of a living wage they rely on subsidized housing, food support, and emergency room health care. You pay for this. They pay for this, too. The guy making the money is the guy who owns the fast food place. He counts on your taxes to provide that which his employees need at no great expense to himself. And now, with the president's new tax plan, the wealthy will pay even less to support the tax burden they rely on to create their wealth! Ironically, they benefit directly from a sort of 'socialism' they often criticize.

If people made a living wage they would need less in the way of government provided housing and food support. Our government would need to raise less revenue, or would be able to use the revenue they have for other purposes (infrastructure or schools for example.) People would be able to be consumers.  They would pay sales taxes. That would help to raise revenue for all of us.

All that said, even more importantly, people would be able to have the dignity of independence.

Help me fight for a living wage for all those people who help you in your stores, motels, fast food places, etc. Help put an end to corporate welfare.

Bossert for State Senate
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