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This Democrat Visited Rosman - In it to win it!

Tonight, before the Alabama polls closed, I visited the Town Hall and Aldermen (and women) of Rosman. I learned about concerns that worry some of the citizens of Rosman. I listened to both a person concerned about a new neighbor struggling through poverty and a person concerned for the growth of a welcoming and safe Rosman.

That means that there need to be ordinances to protect land and property values, and to be certain that manufactured homes are up to code for safety reasons. Two sides of an argument . . . both right. Both good Rosman neighbors! Odd, isn't it?

Everyone at the meeting made me feel very welcome and Mayor Brian Shelton gave me an opportunity to introduce myself. The town attorney shook my hand and said that he basically could not imagine that I would want to go to Raleigh. I talked about education with two of the women there and learned that Rosman is an open book, if only I do my part to open it and read!

Thanks to one and all! I won't be a stranger.

Bossert for State Senate
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