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The Affordable Care Act

I was sad to learn of Congressman Meadow's personal loss of beloved family members to cancer. I try not to be a cynic, so I choose to believe that that memory touched him and brought him to tears.
The problem is that he is the principal architect of a heartless health care bill which, according to the CBO, will abandon millions of people and give individual states the option of opting out of parts of health care.

That will leave millions with loved ones to mourn. Here in North Carolina our General Assembly has shown that they will abandon the poor (they already have) and those with pre-existing conditions as they have cynically refused to expand Medicaid. Such expansion would help over 400,000 people who are too poor to afford health care. I am running for State Senate because this needs to change! Join me in my effort to flip the Senate of North Carolina.



Bossert for State Senate
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