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Republicare! On their health plan.

Approval of the Republicare plan would deprive millions of health care. Problem is ...most of us can't really understand the volume of 20 + milliion people. When people first read the "Diary of Anne Frank," they truly understood what we need to understand today. This is not about the millions.
This is about the one ... the one person you know who will no longer be able to get insurance because of pre-existing conditions.

It is about the one parent of a profoundly handicapped child who won't be able to get respit care.

It is about the man or woman with diabeties who will be unable to get their supplies.

It is about the person who dies for want of basic health care, leaving his/her family destitute.

This is about the one person ... not the millions. It is about our neighbor.

With the current bills, states can opt out of this or that provision of ACA. Our General Assembly has made it clear where they stand on helping oridinary folks like you and me.

Past behavior informs us of how the General Assembly will handle things in the future.  We hold our neighbors and their children and the quality of their lives in our hands! Will we sit silently ... or will we work for our neighbors?



Bossert for State Senate
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