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On the Issue of Guns

This week a friend posted that she was uncomfortable with my position on guns.  I sent her a posting from my website in which I wrote about my concerns regarding mental health and gun ownership.  Perhaps I needed to be more specific?  I don't know.  However, here is where I stand.

1.     We need to keep weapons out of the hands of mentally ill people, whose particular mental illness finds the ownership of weapons dangerous to themselves or others.

2.     We need to deal with mental health issues in America.  Economic stress, adverse childhood experiences (ACES), the proliferation of mind numbing drugs, etc. help to make ours a dangerous country.

3.     We need stricter background checks and longer waiting periods to be certain that those who buy guns cannot get them until we are certain that they have been thoroughly vetted.

4.    We need military grade weapons and their ammunition out of the hands of civilians.

5.    We need to be certain that gun ownership is licensed and weapons need to be properly registered.

6.    Many European nations allow people to own weapons but strictly control the sale of ammunition.  We might want to look into that.

7.     Far more complicated, we need to figure out why we have over 90 killings a day by gun - some are accidents, many are suicides.  That means looking into the American psyche.

8.    We need to keep people like Cody Henson (our Rep to NC GA) from lowering the age for concealed carry permits. 

9.    Finally, in seeking licensure and registration, our citizens should be properly trained in safe use of weapons before they are issued.  We expect no less from people seeking drivers licenses. 



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