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My Opponent Worries About Strings Attached With Medicaid Expansion.

Tonight I had a conversation with a supporter who informed me that she had had a conversation with my opponent in the NC 48th Senate District election.  She had the temerity to ask him why he was opposed to Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina.  She wondered why he would not bring back millions of dollars from Washington to help provide health care for our poorest citizens.

He replied that he was concerned that there were too many strings attached to Medicaid Expansion.  My supporter then asked him about all the people who could be helped by expanding Medicaid.  He replied that that wasn't a compelling enough reason to expand Medicaid!

Imagine that!  The health of poor people wasn't compelling enough to expand Medicaid because there were strings attached. 

I have had enough of what isn't right.  AND that isn't right!



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