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MOMS Demand Action - Fifth Anniversary of Newtown Tragedy

Yesterday afternoon I joined a group of men and women watching a screening of the documentary "Newtown." It was heartbreaking to see and hear people open their hearts to the millions who will see this documentary ... making themselves so vulnerable. As a retired principal, I had no trouble understanding what was going on in the school as all Hell broke loose in that building.

Last school year at my school we had an incident in which a crate had been locked to the bike rack, with no identification. We reacted to such an innocent event by assuming the worst. To make a long story short, the staff handled things brilliantly. Everyone ... secretaries, teachers, police, custodian, and, yes, even I did everything that was supposed to have been done. And the kids were great and cooperative, as were the parents.

After the event, the superintendent congratulated me and the staff, "This was textbook." It was. As I watched Newtown I found myself remembering that we train for that crazy person who might saunter into a school, our school. When did it become routine to be ready for an horrific event?

When did we become numb to people owning military grade weapons? When did our legislators become comfortable ignoring common sense in regulating the kinds of weapons people may own? When did we become blind and deaf to common sense background checks and training to those who want to own weapons? When?

It's time to pay attention to those with mental illness who will use guns to end their own lives. (60% of deaths by gun are suicides!)  It's time to get military grade weapons out of our homes. It's time to keep people safer. There is no such thing as perfect solutions, but if we save even one life, or stop even one madman from going on a killing spree, it will be worth it.  Remember Newtown on this the fifth anniversary of this deadly event.

Bossert for State Senate
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