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Lottery Funds - I've Had Enough of What Isn't Right!

Here in my beloved Transylvania County,a portion of Lottery Funding (non-recurring funds) go to fund Non-Instructional Support.   That amounted to $718,978.   In Henderson County that figure was around $2,783,640.  In Buncombe County that amount was $5,933,533.  Non-instructional funds go to support secretarial positions, custodial positions and the like.  

I know that our Counties really appreciate the support, but I believe that it is an error in judgment to use non-recurring funds to support personnel.  By so doing, they make every one of those people vulnerable to a loss of position. Not very reassuring for career employees! I believe that it is right to fund these positions using the general fund.  

Every year the General Assembly has the right to determine how the lottery earnings should be allocated.  That means, to me, that all these critical positions are vulnerable every year to the whims of a General Assembly that could, probably, just as easily, dedicate them to more voucher money.  The giving of vouchers has absolutely no accountability measures to guarantee a quality education for our children.  

I would like the General Assembly to build into the budget the funds to help with the hiring and maintenance of non-instructional school personnel.  I would like to see Lottery money ear marked, instead, to a free community college education to any high school graduate who wants to pursue such a valuable education. 

The Lottery does fund some scholarship support ... but no where near enough to give every graduate an opportunity to pursue the specialized training offered in our community college system.  

       That isn't right and I've had enough of what isn't right.  How about you?  Support Bossert for State Senate to change the use of Lottery funds.

Bossert for State Senate
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