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Living Wages Again - In it to win it!

Recently I was asked where I stand on the $15.00 minimum wage.  Do I support it?

The answer is a not so simple, yes and no.

The Living Wage Coalition in Transylvania County identifies different needs for different situations. $15.00 per hour sounds good, but truly it is only a first step. Individuals with a child, or two, or three need more than that.

What about benefits and enough hours to earn them? Typically fast foods places keep people at few enough hours (below 30) so that they needn't give benefits.

Right now it is unlawful for a community (like Brevard or Asheville) to establish a local minimum wage. As a Senator, I would work to end that prohibition.

Organizations like the Living Wage Coalition work with businesses to get voluntary participation. They then encourage (and advertise occasionally) people to use the businesses that do.

The argument about inflation becomes deflated when doing basic research.  There is little evidence that in the history of minimum wage increases, there is a corresponding increase in inflation. It has been years since the living wage was increased.  

There are savings to consider, too.  People who make a living wage need less in the way of government support.  They may no longer require food support.  They may not need section 8 housing. 

Too, they can buy new cars,  homes of their own, consumer goods, etc.  The sales taxes that go with those purchases will go up.  Expenses for government down . . . revenue up! 

About a year ago, I read that for a McDonald's to pay a living wage to its employees would require that the cost of a Big Mac go up by about 17 cents. I think if people knew that, they would gladly pay another 17 cents. Wouldn't you?

Some readers will think me a 'pie in the sky' kind of candidate.  I have read a lot on this issue and it really isn't complicated, but it is serious and 120,000 of our citizens are making the minimum or even less than the Federal Minimum Hourly rate.  Check out the Budget and Tax Center in North Carolina.  They have a real grip on facts and figures.  That rest is common sense.

Bossert for State Senate
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