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Bossert for State Senate

November 3, 2018
Friends and Supporters,

I know that you will plan to join me at Bold Rock Cidery on November 19th, as together we kick off this Senatorial campaign. Mine is a message of opportunity here in Western North Carolina. I am asking you to join me and seize the opportunity to walk arm and arm to a better tomorrow.

To accomplish great things, we must move forward together … a team committed to bringing better jobs, better schools, better infrastructure and better health care access to all our citizens. In the famous Leandro decision, Judge Manning spoke of the need to see to it that whether children lived in wealthy communities or not, it was the constitutional obligation of our legislature to see to it that our citizens (today’s and tomorrows) have access to the best education that our Old North State could provide. In a broader sense the same, I believe, holds true in rural, suburban, and urban communities around us who need good infrastructure and broad band access.
This is our opportunity to foster growth in our small and family farms. It is our opportunity to bring living wages to our struggling families. It is our opportunity to invest in infrastructure – broadband access for all, transportation, electric, water and sewage. Perhaps not the most exciting thing to talk about, but a real necessity for economic growth.

This is our opportunity to make certain that our public schools provide the best education for all of our children; not because we are opposed to school choice, but precisely because our public schools have the know-how and skills to deliver the best and most inclusive education to our children in our great public schools.

And this is your opportunity to dig deep and generously to support a campaign that embraces a better future for all of us living today and for those who have yet to be born. This is your opportunity invest in a better tomorrow for North Carolina. And so, I ask that as you think of the Tarheel State, you dream of a new State Senator with the vision to lead, a willingness to listen, and the wisdom to know that today is the foundation for tomorrow.

I hope you can join me at Bold Rock (School House Road, Mills River) on the 19th, from 5:00 – 7:00 for a message of hope and opportunity. However, if you cannot make it on the 19th, please take the opportunity to generously invest in this campaign … your campaign to dream big and make dreams become reality.

Norm Bossert, Candidate

Bossert for State Senate
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