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I'm in it ... to win it!

Tonight, I attended an event in support of a friend, Debbie Roundtree, who is running for City Council.  At the end of the program one of the candidates greeted me at the exit.  He said some kind words and, basically, said that (owing to the district's demographics) I couldn't win.

Well, I responded by pointing out that I am undaunted and plan to win this election.  On a pretty regular basis I grovel and beg for money tp support

If I thought I couldn't win this election, I wouldn't be running.  I would find someone else to run in my place.  This district has daunting demographics, true.  But thanks to people like Jayne Jennings and Meg Hoke and the work of various other progressive indivisible groups ... I sense a whole new energy and I believe that that energy can carry this campaign to victory.

And that victory isn't my victory.  It is a victory for every person too poor to get covered by ACA.  It is a victory for our school teachers and, more importantly, their students.  It is a victory for our fragile environment.  It is a victory for our documented and undocumented neighbors.  It is a victory for every person who will make a living wage.  No one should work a full time job without making a salary sufficient to support a small family.

I think you get the idea.  I have had enough of that which is not right and I am determined to do something about it!

Won't you help us win by donating to this campaign?  Go to and donate using actblue.


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