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I never thought I would say this but. . .President Trump is right. . .about Mental health at least.  It is a major issue.  The killings in Texas are proof of that.  We have too many mentally ill individuals who have access to dangerous weapons.  I can scarcely begin to imagine the horror in the minds and hearts of the victims and survivors of this most recent killing spree. 

I know that there are many kinds of mental illness.  The overwhelming number of people suffering with mental illnesses would never hurt anyone.  Still a gun, especially a military grade weapon, makes the unthinkable possible.  Guns are especially deadly in the impulsive hands of people who might contemplate suicide, for example.  A huge number of deaths by handgun are committed in a tragic moment ... an impulsive moment of anger with a spouse, a neighbor, a friend, or oneself. 

So, why aren't we doing more to identify and help those who might suffer a mental illness.  Here in North Carolina our legislature is slow to address mental health issues.  The best evidence of that is the woefully small number of counselors in our schools and the over burdened social workers and counselors in the public sector. 

Does it take yet another tragic killing spree like Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, and now a peaceful Baptist Church to wake people up?

Some of our mentally ill people are the most courageous people you can imagine.  They force themselves to live and work and care for others through the darkness of depression and paranoia and who knows what else.  Some are Democrats.  Some are Republicans.  Mental illness doesn't care about political affiliation. 

BUT I care about having people in State government who know that mental illness is a priority that cannot continue to be underfunded.  So President Trump and Chuck Edwards and Cody Henson and Mark Meadows, Thom Tillis and Richard Burr...let's stop offering our thoughts and prayers after the next tragedy.  Let's legislate real change to protect our citizens.

Bossert for State Senate
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