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Hungry Children - Poverty - Where the Rubber Meets the Road

In a compelling chart, Kris Kramer of the Progressive Dem caucus in Buncombe County, showed us the childhood poverty rates in the US compared to other nations.
Well, hold on to your seats. In 2014, about 14% of the children in Buncombe County lived in poverty. In 2016 that percentage had soared to almost 24%. The Free and Reduced rate for Buncombe is about 55%. That is up from 2007 numbers by about 10%. The numbers are as upsetting for the rest of the Senate District in which I am running.
Things are just as bad in Henderson and Transylvania Counties.


We need to stop just looking at numbers. We need to look at children . . . one child at a time. As a former school administrator, I have seen too many little children living with food insecurity. Too many Homeless children, too! It is heart breaking.
Hungry children have a hard time staying awake, focusing on learning, and socializing with others.


The other political party talks about the booming North Carolina economy. The boom is not reflected in the schools. Where is the boom? Thank goodness for Manna Food Bank and Anchor Baptist Food Bank, and Bounty and Soul and so many other churches and agencies that help to feed the hungry.
You can be certain that Raleigh won't do enough to solve this problem, at least not until the legislature changes hands.  Help me change this district from red to blue.  Children need a strong advocate.


Bossert for State Senate
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