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Exciting News - We have great teachers in Western North Carolina

Today I had the honor to meet with three fine educators. We had a substantive talk (although I was entirely too loquacious.) As I got ready to leave, I asked each of them what was most important to them. You readers may be surprised with their response. Let me give you a few examples.

They were concerned about poverty and its impact on our children and their performance in school. There were worried about the need to address mental health issues with more school counselors. Class size was a biggie, too. The issue of having good administrators was addressed. There was a concern for the need for pre-school. They want up to date textbooks. Computers are not a substitute for text books.

Not one person ever mentioned teacher pay. Imagine! We candidates running for office often bring up teacher pay as an issue. We all know teachers ought to be paid as the professionals they are. Still, this was not on the top of anyone's list! In fact, it didn't even get on anyone's list. Why?

Our best teachers are people who put kids first. The people I spoke to today must be outstanding teachers. Their administrators are lucky to have them. The kids are even luckier. I deliberately do not write their names. Next time you walk into a school, I hope you think that your child's teachers are the teachers of whom I speak.


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