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Chuck Edwards Puts His Foot in His Mouth

Yesterday the people of Asheville voted 75% to 25% not to break into districts.  In South Asheville that vote was closer, but still a decisive 60% to 40%!  The people of Asheville do not want to break into districts.  For myself, I don't live there.  I believe that it should be the decision of the people and by the people.  But my opponent wants to force the people to his will.  "Power corrupts." 

In Asheville, signs went up to encourage people to vote to split into districts.  Ironically, people in the Hospitality business paid for those signs.  Also ironically the donations came from Raleigh.  I think that Chuck Edwards had something to do with this.  How about you?

Stop the power grab Senator!  Let the people decide and produce your proof that the majority of citizens want to be gerrymandered.

I think you can't!  Vote  I will not impose my will on voters.






Bossert for State Senate
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