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CHIP - Children's Health Insurance Plan

Children’s Health Insurance Plan

Call me a ‘half full glass’ sort of guy, but normally that is exactly what I am. The new tax plan has been such a powerful distraction that I am worried that CHIP has been forgotten. The CHIP program came about in the 1990’s as a direct result of strong bi-partisan support for a National plan to help children who live in homes too poor for other health insurance, and too poor to benefit from programs such as Medicaid.

In today’s numbers, a family with income less than $3633.00 a month or an annual income of $43, 595, your child may qualify for CHIP. Millions of children and their families have benefited from CHIP. As of this writing, it has yet to be renewed, though a stop gap funding bill looks destined to be approved.

Like in the case of DACA, fixes have been promised. In the meantime, failure to address a final solution to CHIP funding put children who need this insurance for cancer care, routine check-ups, and the like are at risk. Unlike the new tax bill’s promise to make permanent corporate tax cuts, CHIP has a sunset provision requiring it to be renewed periodically.

I believe that there is strong bi-partisan support to solve this problem. The question that keeps me awake is this: Is this Congress so feckless that it can’t accomplish this task (as it has so far failed with DACA?)

Everyone should contact their representatives to insist they resolve this problem immediately. Children should not be the victims of adults who simply put them on the back burner.

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