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Campaign Finance

All candidates know how important it is to raise money for their campaign(s).  Still, there is a point at which the money spent on a campaign can be absolutely obscene.  The Ossoff campaign in Georgia 6, was an example of obscene fundraising.  Millions raised and spent!  When does a sum of money become obscene?  That is for each of us to decide personally.  

That said, the Bossert for State Senate campaign needs a lot more financial support than it got in 2016.  Then, I loaned my campaign $4400.00.  I raised about $26,000, too.  It was simply not enough, but look at the results.  I got 38% of the vote.  One of my fellow Dems ran a great campaign, raised and spent about $450,000.00.  She got 38% of the vote.  Another raised over $350,000.00 and spent that amount.  She, too, got only about 38% of the vote.  Yet another raised about $70,000.  She, too, got about 38% of the vote.  In each case (and my own, too) our Democratic Party candidate was far and away a more qualified candidate.  

What is the lesson?  I wish I knew.  I certainly got more 'bang for the buck.'   All I can manage is a thought that we are all failing to send the message that what we Dems stand for is really that which is the best interests of the voters.

This time around, I have started my candidacy by listening and not making the faulty decision of thinking I know better than the voters.  

So far, these seem to be the big issues.

Education is definetly up there, but so is a living wage and affordable housing.  Health care is a biggee, especially for the poor and the Baby Boomers (people my age!)  Among many of my potential constituents women's health and self determination are big issues.  The environment ranks high as well.  Those of us soon to be on a fixed income (or already there) care a lot about rising health care costs and unbalanced tax policies.

I think you get the idea.  I thought the big issue was public school and all that entails.  The truth is that we humans care about lots of things, but we tend to focus on those things that have the greatest impact on our lives ... in a very personal way.

$30,000 isn't going to help me market my candidacy well enough.  I am going to, pie in the sky, build an obscene budget.  Help me get to the bar I am setting - $450,000.

That sum will help me get a powerful message of reclamation of North Carolina on TV, radio, newspapers, mailers, bill boards, etc. and pay for a professional campaign manager as well.   

This sum is obscene, but if you and I think of it as an investment in a better North Carolina, electing a Democrat in the 48th State Senate district could be a game changer for future generations of North Carolineans.

Bossert for State Senate
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