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The Real Cost of Deep Water Horizon Tragedy in Gulf Coast

This candidate for State Senate says, "NO WAY" to off shore drilling.  Not so my opponent!  Months ago I posted a snarky piece because Senator Edwards (NC 48) averred that the beaches on the Gulf Coast were just fine ... nice white sand ... after the clean-up from the Deep Water Horizon tragedy.  Therefore we shouldn't worry about off shore drilling here.

I pondered how anyone could forget the toll on wild life and the fishermen and the shrimpers.  After a conversation with a potential voter (a Republican who doesn't care too much for Senator Edwards) I thought to revisit the issue.

Let's start off with the most horrific piece of this matter.  Eleven people were killed in the explosion.  They paid the ultimate price for BP's cavalier handling of off shore drilling.  These people cannot be returned to their loved ones.  Between the failure to expand Medicaid and the determination to destroy the Affordable Care Act, our Republicans both in North Carolina and the United States and our Senator Edwards have shown a callous disregard for human life, especially the lives of the poor.

So perhaps they are more concerned about money?  The BP settlement was 20 Billion dollars.  A lot of money?  You bet.  The problem is that even BP estimated the actual cost to be closer to 62 Billion dollars.  SO, who pays the balance?

Have you guessed who yet?  That's right!  American taxpayers paid the balance.  Odd how that is rarely discussed by advocates (like Chuck Edwards) of off shore drilling. (This should remind us of who will pay for coal ash ponds and coal ash spills and coal ash in the ground water.)
Lives were lost and families devastated ... family businesses were decimated.  A way of life was threatened.

If this were the only such tragic event, maybe we could just promise to be more careful next time.  However, we know that off shore oil rig problems arise frequently.  According to Time Magazine (2013 publication) for every 100,000 employees, between three and four will be killed by an accident.  That makes this work terribly dangerous.  We must prevent off shore drilling.
This candidate would never vote to allow people to drill off the coast of North Carolina.  Never!

Bossert for State Senate
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