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Slowing the effects of Alzheimers

My mother passed away nearly two years ago.  She had Alzheimer's.  

In Asheville, at the Memory Care center, my mother was diagnosed with this dreaded illness. (It was the second time she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.)  My mother hid her problems with her memory as best as she could for several years.  She did it with silence, routines, and short phone calls.  During these calls she seemed lucid.

However, when my father passed away, my brother flew to Florida to organize my mother's move to New York and settle my father's affairs.  He discovered, in my father's wallet, a rather old prescription for Aricept.  That was a dead give away.  A doctor had diagnosed mom with Alzheimer's and nothing was ever done about it.  For some reason, my dad never had her prescription filled.  I can only speculate as to, "Why?"

There is some controversy about whether or not Aricept works,  and I guess we'll never know. Still, when she moved here, she was further down the steady road of decline.  Memory Care prescribed Aricept or some such drug.  

In spite of the medication, she was forgetting names and repeated herself often.  There was no filter in her speech and she said some pretty upsetting things.  As the disease continued its progression she became distrustful of people...paranoid.  The bottom line here is that it was terrible to watch her deteriorate.  I know that anyone reading this will probably recognize my story and may even think it to be their own story.

Had THC been used it may or may not have helped.  That said, we would have tried it if we could.  I mean there would be little to no chance that medical marijuana would be a 'gateway' drug for a ninety year old woman.  Silly, isn't it?  Such a fear is totally irrational.  Trying to slow the progress of Alzheimer's is, however, totally rational.  

It is time to revisit medical marijuana and not just at the state level.  It needs to be addressed at the national level.  States can pass initiatives, and that will help.  However, as long as the Federal government has a man serving as Attorney General who is as determined as Jeff Sessions is to shut down any legal use of marijuana state distribution will remain a risky venture.  Common sense needs to prevail!


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