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On Talking to Each Other - Healing a Wounded Country

This week I attended a rally at which I was interviewed by a reporter.  I complained that the new tax bill was put together in a vacuum.  NO hearings and no involvement of the Democratic Party!  I know this to be a fact.  A person who read the article wrote to disagree with me.  He pointed out the error of my ways.  I told him that I would stand by my observation.

Senator Corker had the temerity to say he hadn't read the bill, but voted for it anyway.  The man who wrote me said, basically, that we Democrats were obstructionists.  I let it go after that comment, remembering 8 years of stonewalling President Obama.

The thing is, this fellow was as strong in his beliefs as I was and am.  Another thing is that we were not interested in listening to the other.

As I drove around today, I found myself reflecting on the dialogue between the two of us with terrible disappointment.  I was disappointed that I had failed to listen. 

Our country is in the middle of a crisis of partisanship and power grabbing.  People want to blame the President.  He may well be responsible for this fracture.  That said, he is not the one who can fix it.  That is on me. 

I am certain that nothing I say would cause this gentleman to give me his vote.  However, if we are to mend our land, someone has to reach out at least 60%.  In fact, we both need to reach out 60%.  Our country is deeply wounded.  We can all work for a healing by listening, debating, and moving a bit in one another's direction.

This candidate would like to try.

Bossert for State Senate
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