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Off Shore Drilling

Off shore drilling can be devastating ... not only for birds and sea life, but for us as well.  As we learned only a few short years ago. British Petroleum has had to pay billions in settlements to fishermen who have lost their livelihoods following a devastating oil spill.  My opponent in the election for Senate in NC District 48 supports off shore drilling and exploration for oil. He commented at a forum in Hendersonville, NC, that he went to the beaches on the Gulf and the beaches looked great!

Never mind the disruption of life and the end of employment opportunities, and the death of untold numbers of wildlife ... we want our fossil fuels!

I am opposed to off shore drilling...period.  For life (both human and not) and for the protection of our environment and for a better future for our children end talk of off-shore drilling now!

Bossert for State Senate
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