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Infrastructure Cannot wait & Political Courage

Due to a sinkhole adjacent to a private property the Hendersonville City Council identified and agreed to fund a $168,000 project to repair a small area where the water drainage system has failed.  I applaud the Council's willingness to repair this presenting problem.

However, as one of the City Council members averred, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  The people who investigated the city's drainage system painted a pretty bleak picture of this failing 'bit' of infrastructure.

I do not know that our municipalities can meet the needs of generations of infrastructure issues that have gone ignored with crossed fingers and prayers to a Higher Power. How many thousands of good paying jobs could be created by tackling these issues?  I know that some money is likely set aside by the General Assembly to help with capital projects, but I would guess that state wide the amount of financial resources needed is overwhelming.  

I would caution the General Assembly that now may not be the time to be cutting taxes.  It is bad enough that they want to reduce the tax responsibilities of corporate interests (which rely on good infrastructure to be successful.)  They also want to do away with personal income taxes for a large segment of the population (including our richest citizens!)  It fails the common sense litmus test.

Instead we need to raise revenues sufficient to tackle these pending infrastructure disasters.  We need a central government that must have the political courage to tackle this issue.

Bossert for State Senate
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