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In It to Win It! The Teaching Fellows Program

In 1986 North Carolina established the Teaching Fellows program It was a model program designed to bring the best and brightest graduates from high school to North Carolina colleges to become teachers.

Over the years thousands of North Carolinians benefited from this scholarship program, both recipients and the students whose lives would be touched by them. In 2011, the Republican led State Legislature here in North Carolina abandoned this remarkable program.

Finally, they have recognized the error of their ways as North Carolina faces a dramatic shortage of teachers. However, they have failed to adequately fund this program. It is estimated that as we baby boomers retire we will have a need for 10,000 new teachers a year.

Republican policies - from low pay to due process rights, to miniscule pay hikes for senior teachers, to shrinking benefits, to under funded classrooms, and a voucher program that robs the public schools of resources while supporting an unaccountable financial boon to private schools have made becoming a teacher less attractive to bright young people.

The new Teaching Fellows program, though well intended, falls far short of the funding needed to bring more quality teachers to the table. You can check this out, but my recollection is that the former Fellows program granted scholarships to over a thousand high school seniors per year.
When elected, I will work with both sides of the aisles to grow this program and bring it back to the eminence it once enjoyed.

Bossert for State Senate
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