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Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs Regarding Environmental Protection
Bossert for State Senate
Norman Bossert

Global Climate Change is real.

Climate change is happening at the rate it is because of human behavior.

Duke should be held accountable for coal ash cleanup, liability should be reasonable and set by the courts, not politicians who benefit from Duke’s largesse.

Though fracking is unlikely here in our mountains:

We should allow local governing agencies to ban it!

We should remember that people have property rights that must be respected, private industry should not be allowed to take land citing eminent domain – for profit.

We should hold ‘fracking’ companies responsible for disclosure of chemicals they pump into the ground.

We should block pipelines from crossing through our state.

We should continue tax credits and enticements for people to continue to improve solar and wind capabilities.  (This is also a jobs issue!)

We should demand respectful treatment of our water resources and initiate publicly supported inspections of ground water.

We should support through grants and bond offerings the efforts of local communities to modernize sewage treatment and water distribution infrastructure.

We should protect Wilderness areas from exploitation and where possible make more acreage part of our State Park system.

Flora and Fauna should be protected from extinction. The NC university system and private colleges should be encouraged to pursue studies and degree areas that support environmental programs.

Hemlocks should be protected and treated to prevent their extinction owing to the infiltration of invasive insects.

Bossert for State Senate
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