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DACA - Common Sense - Have a heart

      Since its inception, DACA has helped some 800,000 young people stay in the United States legally. Some 30,000 people per year have graduated from high school and a similar number have completed some post secondary education - to include two and four degrees.  They have become taxpayers and,most important, felt safe to come out from the shadows.

  Our North Carolina legislators have crafted legislation to punish cities that would provide sanctuary to our undocumented workers.  To state a fact, the economy of Western North Carolina - especially our orchard owners and farmers rely on said workers.  How foolish to construct legislation designed to heartlessly break up families and at the same time hurt our WNC economy!  It is no wonder that the most powerful of business leaders in our country are opposed to rescinding DACA.

In exchange for their determination to make our country their home, they now find themselves the potential victims of our unjust president and our own cruel legislators here in North Carolina.  In our state our documented and undocumented immigrants are permitted to attend our colleges (both two and four year institutions) only after "real Americans" have first shot at the classes they choose.  Also, even lifelong residents in our State are required to pay out of state tuition.  Yet another hurdle!

  There was a case that went to the Supreme Court a generation or so ago where a Texas school system didn't want to allow the children of migrant workers to attend their public schools.  The decision of the Circuit Court of Appeals determined that those children should be served as it was to the advantage of a country to have a well educated populace. The decision was upheld by the Supreme Court.

  This situation is roughly equivalent.  It is common sense!  People who go to post secondary schools for career education (whether it's in plumbing or medical training) make more money, pay more taxes, need less from our public institutions, etc. COMMON SENSE!

  Yes, I am angry.  The other night I read a bumper sticker that said, "If you go to bed hungry, it's your own damn fault."  What has happened to taking care of one another?  These are the sorts of people we are up against.  

Have a heart ... support DACA - support the 800,000 young people brought here before they were 16.  Support these 800,000 who want nothing more than to call the United States home.  AND even if you have no heart ... think about your tax base and your wallet.

  Have a heart ... we are all the children of immigrants.

  Have a heart ... we encouraged our Latino neighbors to come here during WWII.

       HAVE a HEART!  Have some Common Sense!

Bossert for State Senate
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