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Connect NC Bonds--Vote YES!

Over the past 15 years, North Carolina has added 2 million people in population, and has not kept up with our state's infrastructure needs. The $2 billion Connect NC bonds will connect North Carolina to the 21st century through statewide investments in education, parks, safety, recreation, and water and sewer infrastructure. 

The Connect NC bond will allow us to pay for 50-year assets with 20-year financing, much the way most families take out a mortgage to pay for a large purchase like a home. And as Governor Pat McCrory points out, no tax increases are necessary to finance the bond. 

Governor McCrory strongly supports the bond, and the majority of the state’s legislators, including Senator Apodaca, voted in favor of the bill to bring these projects forward.  I agree with them, and hope all citizens of NC will join me in voting in favor of the bond, for the following reasons: 

  • The Connect NC bond if passed will help finance over 70 infrastructure projects in 76 counties, including a number of very important projects in our own backyard.

  • It makes sense to pay for such long-term investments over time rather than all at once, which would hurt taxpayers or delay the projects into the distant future when they are desperately needed now.

  • 49% of the projects are focused on the UNC system, such as the WCU Science and STEM facility. Another 17% will address needs of our community colleges, including Blue Ridge Community College and AB Tech. Others will help our NC Zoo and our state parks, including much needed improvements to Chimney Rock State Park.

  • Infrastructure investments are vital to NC's competitiveness. Our legislature has let the needed works go ignored or underfunded for far too long. 

The institutions and infrastructure (over 300 million dollars for water and sewage at our State Parks) that will be helped have a need for modernization or development.  Whether it is the zoo, our forests, or community colleges, all these entities need our support.  They serve our State, enrich our lives, and prepare our citizens for a challenging future.

I do have a concern with the timing of the vote.  I don’t feel that the State has given either side of this issue enough time to make a case for or against this bond.  I worry that there will be less education on the pros and cons and lots more in the way of emotional arguments.  These investments in our future matter.  I encourage everyone to get out and support them!

Watch a video about the Connect NC bonds at this link: Vote Yes to Invest.

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