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A Living Wage

1.     I have heard and read that there are those who are opposed to such a wage increase.  

They may claim that such an increase would result in an inflationary spiral.  ( I would venture a guess that hey don't apply the same logic to drug companies that seem to lead the charge on inflationary prices.)

2.     There are those who support a gradual shift to an increased minimum wage.  

The argument here is not 'crazy.'  A sudden increase in prices could, afterall, increase the cost of a Big Mac by as much as 17 cents...maybe even a quarter! That could send fast food businesses into a downward spiral.  Their ownership would have to seek employment elsewhere ... like become a State Senator!  Parents would stop buying happy meals with plastic toys in them. The family, as we know it, would collapse and chaos would ensue.  

3.     There are those who would distinguish between wages paid to to teens living at home and those supporting themselves and their families.  I get that, too.  Those teens may be working at Burger Biggee to help earn money for college tuition and textbooks and other wasteful items.  (They may even use their high wages to purchase a book like Fast Food Nation and learn about the ugly underbelly of the fast food industry.)

4.     Seriously, though, paying people a living wage would / could make it possible for some people to no longer need to find Section 8 housing.  It could put more spending money in their hands that would make it possible for them to buy the 'stuff' they need (like food and school supples.) They may no longer need subsidized health insurance, too.  Let's face it, people making more money, buy more of the previioiusly mentioned stuff and the sales and income taxes that higher wages also bring.  

Too, let's stop corporate welfare.  So, what does that mean?  It means this.  When Sally works for McDonald's and current minimum wages, she needs health insurance, subsidized housing, and SNAP, etc.  McDonald's can abuse their employees, because the taxpayer picks up the bill.  Come on!  That is not right!

     From my point of view, I say let's bite the bullet and pay people a living wage.  Let's make it possible for people to not only have the dignity of a full time decently salaried job ... let's also help them have the dignity of not having to be cared for by the State!

Bossert for State Senate
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