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My future constituents frequently ask me to share my main issues.  What I have learned as a candidate is that whatever I think is important is dwarfed by the things that they think is important.  When meeting with a group in December, one person told me that he was upset that he couldn't provide a college education for his children as his mother did for him.  His description was deeply touching and moved me.  People running for office need to be better listeners.

With that as a backdrop.  Here is where I stand on many issues, which you will find fleshed out in both the Issues and News sections of this website.

  • I support our public schools.  They should be fully funded.
  • I support Charters, but they need to function on an even playing field . . .especially when politicians choose to compare them to our public schools.
  • I am vehemently opposed to Opportunity Grants (vouchers.)
  • Our public schools are underfunded.


  • I support the second amendment, but believe that military grade weapons should not be in the hands of private citizens. 
  • Background checks and training in gun safety should be a requirement for ownership of any gun.
  • 60% of all deaths by gun are suicides.  With proper mental health care those numbers can be reduced.


  • Medicaid should be expanded to help the 380,000 to 500,000 citizens too poor to afford health care.


  • I am opposed to off shore drilling.
  • I support solar and wind power generation.
  • I am opposed to fracking . . . period.
  • Duke Energy should clean up its coal ash mess, paid from company profits and the clean-up should be expedited.
  • The Wilderness in North Carolina should be protected.
  • The water in our mountains should be protected.


  • The State tax policy is unbalanced.  The rich and rich corporations should pay their fair share.


  • People should be paid a living wage.


  • Law enforcement Officers ought to be earning more money.
  • Law enforcement officers should be protected from egregious demotions and dismissals.
  • Law enforcement officers should not be demoted or fired for being of a different political party then their elected Sheriff


Bossert for State Senate
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