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I realize that no one wants to vote for someone they don't know.  So, this page will, I hope, tell you a bit about me.

First, you should know that I have been around.  I was born in New York City on March 7th, 1951.  My mother was a first generation American.  My father's family got to the United States generations before mom's.  I graduated from East Meadow High School in 1968 and went to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  I graduated in 1973 with a degree in Elementary Education. 

I met my bride to be, Shelley Kuhner, just before my Junior year at ODU.  Falling in love isn't a strong enough term.  I fell like rock!  We married the day after I graduated.  A few years later, in 1976, our first child Aaron joined us ... a bi-centennial baby!  Three years later Seth joined us.

My first job in education was at the Tidewater Community School, serving Learning Disabled children.  Two years later some friends and I opened the Virginia Learning Center.  (Yes, this public school advocate taught in two private schools!) After these first jobs my family moved to Pulaski, New York.  We spent three years there while I was working on my first Masters Degree.  I finished all the coursework, but left for my next job in Europe before I could finish my thesis. 

We spent the next 15 years in Europe where I taught at the SHAPE American Schools.  (SHAPE stands for Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe.)  My family was very happy there. It was the best way to see a piece of the world on a teacher's salary. Shelley, a military brat, is quite the linguist.  This came in handy as my boys and she all learned to speak French fluently.  Shelley helped all new comers to find housing and she also taught at the SHAPE schools.

At the end of my 15 years my son Aaron joined the Army and left home.  We are very proud of his service.  He was even a guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier!  When he left we started to look for Stateside retirement opportunities.  We fell in love with Western North Carolina and eventually purchased our retirement home.  We found the perfect place for Shelley.  It was in the woods.  I wanted a second floor condo.  So, we agreed that our home would have no grass ... just rocks. 

We loved Pisgah Forest so much that as soon as I got back to Europe, I started looking for a job.  Henderson County Schools hired me.  I worked at Apple Valley Middle School and some at Flat Rock Middle School.  After five years I became an assistant principal in Buncombe County, having finished a Masters in School Administration.  I served two years as principal at the Progressive Education Program and have been principal at Black Mountain Elementary School for ten years.

Along the way on this journey, I did lots of different part time jobs.  I have worked as a nursing assistant in a psychiatric hospital.  I worked as a security guard.  I acted professionally.  I coached high school tennis and varsity basketball.  I also ran a high school drama program.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I worked in a lumber yard and at a Roy Rogers restaurant.  And let's not forget selling cars for a couple of years. 

Shelley and I have always been avid travelers.  While in Europe we visited just about every place one can imagine.  We also visited Israel twice!

I am currently active in politics and trace my inspiration to President Kennedy.  At ODU I was president of the Resident Student's Association.  I was chair of the Town of Richland Democratic Party in Central New York.  I worked hard to get Mary Ann Krupsak elected to Congress. I ran for school board here in Transylvania County and in 2014 ran for State Assembly.  I have served as chair of the Transylvania County Democratic Party, and am currently the secretary of the 11th Congressional District.

My happiest thoughts go to my grandchildren.

It may seem out of place to say this, but I am the luckiest person I know.  I have always enjoyed my jobs and still, after 43 years, always look forward to going to school.  I really enjoy campaigning and meeting people and talking politics.  I never really get upset with opposing positions.  I hope for the best of everyone!  Sadly, Republicans seem pretty badly misled.  We Democrats can do so much better.  We know that government is here to do what people can't do for themselves.  We are not afraid of science.  We have a big welcoming tent!

I hope you will support my campaign.  Together we can win and when we win, we all win!


Bossert for State Senate
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