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Who Should Pay for Coal Ash Clean Up? In it to win it continued.

Coal ash in North Carolina is polluting our environment and our ground water. Coal Ash contamination has made people ill. It is continuing to do so.

Duke Power owns this problem. Yet, instead of expecting share holders (people who have benefitted from the profits generated by Duke Power) to bear the burden of the clean-up, Duke has asked the General Assembly to allow a 15% rate hike.  (I understand that Duke is doing well financially.)

If allowed to do so, every person using this utility will be paying for Duke's carelessness.  The burden may be too much for many of our lower income neighbors.  I know that retirement plans and individuals all have an interest in what happens to the dividends their retirement accounts earn from Duke's profitability. And they have my sympathy in that regard.

Still,  in the meantime people are ill from the contamination.   Are the members of the General Assembly going to side with the people of North Carolina?  Are they going to side with Duke Energy?  How much will they be affected by Duke's powerful lobbying?  Are they going to demand that Duke step up to the plate and hasten the cleanup of these dangerous coal ash ponds?  I would like to think the General Assembly will side with the citizens.

That said, I do not trust the current leadership in Raleigh to do the right thing. That is why we must change the leadership in the General Assembly. This is nothing less than a life and death situation.

Bossert for State Senate
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