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Life or Death - I Choose Life

Bossert for State Senate
Life and Death. There is a raven at the door of our country. It is standing over us, a harbinger of America's future, your future, under the rule of the likes of Trump and his cronies in the Congress and, yes, even the General Assembly of North Carolina.

The new tax bill, the end of DACA, refusal to expand Medicaid, failure to support the ACA subsidies, abandoning regulations to protect the environment and our water, cuts to education, and on and on and on and on.

We are... at a crossroads. Will we choose life ... or will me meekly sit silent in front of televisions saying, "Tsk, Tsk ... what can I do?"

I say get to rallies, support candidates who choose life, get your neighbor's back even if they don't get it.
I choose life. I will see you Monday at Vance Memorial at 5:00, and Tuesday at the Old Courthouse in Hendersonville at 4:30.

Bossert for State Senate
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