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This website is to serve my campaign for 2018 - Bossert for State Senate.  Shown here is a photo with then candidate for Governor, Roy Cooper.  Today he is in the Governor's Mansion.  In 2016, I ran a campaign that didn't get me over the top ... but did get me a good start with over 37,500 votes.  I call that a good start.  Join me in this adventure as we work for a 2018 win.  



Sunday, October 15, 2017 9:40 PM

28 Unconstitutional Districts

I fume over this every day here in North Carolina.  We have 28 districts that have been declared unconstitutional. 

Yet, the unconstitutionally elected officials continue to over ride our governor's veto(s.)  Every vote they make to approve the budget, cripple our public schools, drill off shore, deny Medicaid expansion to our poorest citizens, power grab by denying cities the right to provide sanctuary to our immigrants and deny local municipalities the right to establish living wages, refusal to hold Duke Power to account for coal ash clean-up, and on and on and on.  I have had enough of what isn't right.  AND THIS ISN'T RIGHT!

I am running for State Senate to make the government in Raleigh end their coup d'état.  That is exactly what it is.  Unconstitutionally elected officials have hi-jacked our state!

Friday, October 13, 2017 2:50 PM

I'm in it ... to win it ... Part 2

This is our time to work together to change our State Senate.  Every seat we pick up makes a difference.

Yesterday I spoke with Julia Buckner, Senate Democratic caucus' financial director. We agreed that my goal will be to raise the funds I need to run a credible campaign.

I am now absolutely certain that with a good team, a good plan, transparency, and the funds I need, we can take this seat away from Chuck Edwards and the nefarious work of his party which is in charge of the General Assembly. They would grab so much power that they would trample the rights of all of us, favoring instead a "corporate" personhood.

Their plan is all about supporting the wealthy at the expense of the middle and lower economic classes. Help me stop Edwards and his team.

My first goal is to raise $40,000 by the end of December. Join me at Bold Rock Cidery to kick off this campaign. Together we can work for people of North Carolina and not the corporations and corporate interests.

Monday, October 2, 2017 11:37 PM

I'm in it ... to win it!

Tonight, I attended an event in support of a friend, Debbie Roundtree, who is running for City Council.  At the end of the program one of the candidates greeted me at the exit.  He said some kind words and, basically, said that (owing to the district's demographics) I couldn't win.

Well, I responded by pointing out that I am undaunted and plan to win this election.  On a pretty regular basis I grovel and beg for money tp support

If I thought I couldn't win this election, I wouldn't be running.  I would find someone else to run in my place.  This district has daunting demographics, true.  But thanks to people like Jayne Jennings and Meg Hoke and the work of various other progressive indivisible groups ... I sense a whole new energy and I believe that that energy can carry this campaign to victory.

And that victory isn't my victory.  It is a victory for every person too poor to get covered by ACA.  It is a victory for our school teachers and, more importantly, their students.  It is a victory for our fragile environment.  It is a victory for our documented and undocumented neighbors.  It is a victory for every person who will make a living wage.  No one should work a full time job without making a salary sufficient to support a small family.

I think you get the idea.  I have had enough of that which is not right and I am determined to do something about it!

Won't you help us win by donating to this campaign?  Go to and donate using actblue.


Sunday, October 1, 2017 7:56 PM

Lottery Funds - I've Had Enough of What Isn't Right!

Here in my beloved Transylvania County,a portion of Lottery Funding (non-recurring funds) go to fund Non-Instructional Support.   That amounted to $718,978.   In Henderson County that figure was around $2,783,640.  In Buncombe County that amount was $5,933,533.  Non-instructional funds go to support secretarial positions, custodial positions and the like.  

I know that our Counties really appreciate the support, but I believe that it is an error in judgment to use non-recurring funds to support personnel.  By so doing, they make every one of those people vulnerable to a loss of position. Not very reassuring for career employees! I believe that it is right to fund these positions using the general fund.  

Every year the General Assembly has the right to determine how the lottery earnings should be allocated.  That means, to me, that all these critical positions are vulnerable every year to the whims of a General Assembly that could, probably, just as easily, dedicate them to more voucher money.  The giving of vouchers has absolutely no accountability measures to guarantee a quality education for our children.  

I would like the General Assembly to build into the budget the funds to help with the hiring and maintenance of non-instructional school personnel.  I would like to see Lottery money ear marked, instead, to a free community college education to any high school graduate who wants to pursue such a valuable education. 

The Lottery does fund some scholarship support ... but no where near enough to give every graduate an opportunity to pursue the specialized training offered in our community college system.  

       That isn't right and I've had enough of what isn't right.  How about you?  Support Bossert for State Senate to change the use of Lottery funds.

Friday, September 22, 2017 6:09 PM

Giving our Public Schools Grades is an Act of the Ignorant!

I just read that five Buncombe County Schools have gotten "D's on their Report Card.  Grading schools is another slap in the face for professional educators from thee very people who should be supporting them.  

It is also a testament to the failure of our Republican controlled General Assembly to grasp what really goes on in our schools. My opponent, Senator Chuck Edwards made a point of congratulating Henderson County on their LEA's performance. Pretty hollow when he has no idea what a successful school looks like ... and that has nothing to do with a grade from a legislative body that continues to under fund our children.

Let me tell you what I know as a career educator. I know that some of the finest work going on in our public schools happens at our high poverty schools ... our most dedicated teachers ... our strongest school leaders labor tirelessly to help children grow, which seems of little importance to Chuck Edwards.

Sadly, our ill informed legislators, like Chuck Edwards, fail to connect the dots and provide per pupil economic support to our children. Legislators think, foolishly, that the only thing our teachers care about is pay. WRONG! They care about kids. They care about the ones who have no books at home. They care about the kids who need to take back packs filled with food home because there isn't enough food there. They care about kids who worry that they (or their mother or father) will be deported without warning. They worry about the economic challenges at home and keeping a roof over their head. They care about the terribly underfunded mental health support our schools desperately need.

Teachers at schools, whether they score an A or an F, are there because they believe that they can help children grow to be good citizens, because they have the temerity to believe that their loving words can help a child feel safe, welcome, and wanted when they walk in the building. Absent those three ... many children would be at school without hope.  

I am proud to say that I was an educator for 44 years. Our public schools have my unbridled support and, if elected, I will always put our kids first and take care of the professional educators and the para-professionals who care for the kids.

Bossert for State Senate
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